Robotics Classes in Surrey BC and Delta BC

Robotics education plays a very important role in the life of kids. It creates the learning environment in which kids want to learn creative designing and construction of robotics. The main goal of Robotics Classes in Surrey BC is teaching robotics to help kids adopt an automation technology and production process. In our modern age robot is one of the most supreme invention inverts of technology. Now the question arises what do you mean by robot? The robot is operated by a computer programmer basically we can say that a robot is a machine. In the now modern world you can see the role of the robot in a number of place in business, in hospitals, in education system etc. By Understand the importance of the technology we launch new program Robotics Classes in Surrey BC and Delta BC, where kids learn tomorrow’s technology today…!!!

In our Robotics Classes in Surrey, BC students learn robotics and programming in which they study about the basic electronic, Arduino, 3D Printing, Humanoid Robot, Drone Technology, Raspberry Pi, Scratch/Block, C/C++ language, Web development, App development, Java and Python.

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